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  • Pythagoras Lodge
    The worlds largest Masonic research lodge and museum.
    More than 1.2 million objects detailing world history.
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Pythagoras Lodge of Research and museum.

The PLoR Archives collects, preserves and makes accessible the historical records and other records related to the history of Freemasonry for the administrative support of the lodge and for historical research.

The Library is open to any Freemason who has a genuine need to use its collections. Any Master Mason with a permanent address who wishes to carry out research can apply for a Research Pass; they are required to provide proof of signature and address for security purposes.

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    10:00 am to 8:00 pm

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    11:00 am to 11:00 pm

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  • Our history

  • The Museum's collection of ancient Egyptian art consists of approximately twenty-six thousand objects of artistic, historical, and cultural importance, dating from the Paleolithic to the Roman period (ca. 300,000 B.C. - A.D. 4th century).

    More than half of the collection is derived from the Museum's thirty-five years of archaeological work in Egypt, initiated in 1906 in response to increasing Western interest in the culture of ancient Egypt.

  • on view

    • Codex Arundel

      Codex Alexandrinus

      Codex Sinaiticus

      Codex Seraphinianus

      Dresden Codex

      Codex Amiatinus

    • G. Washington papers

      B. Franklin papers

      Book of the Dead

      Ancient Artifact #36

      Srinivasa Ramanujan notebook

    • Civil War Freemasons

      T. Jefferson Collection

      W. Churchill papers

      P. Revere collection

      John Paul Jones papers